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Broker-Owner #02083737


Tel: 805-904-4328

Merritt has a passion for attentively helping people in their real estate journey, whether that be: buying, selling, or just finding out what your options are. After spending 10 years in Oahu, Hawaii and experiencing the competitive and exciting needs of Real Estate there, she returned in 2017 to her native California to continue helping people find their dream home in another beautiful place: California's Central Coast. With family close by in various areas of the Central Coast, Merritt knows each area and how to navigate buying, selling, or home appraisals in your location. Clients have described Merritt as an attentive and trustworthy resource for all of their needs. Merritt is also an affiliate for the Homes For Heroes ® program that provides savings on average of at least $3,000 for those working in Healthcare, the Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters & EMTS, and Teachers.



Real Estate Consultant #02014816


Tel: 951-707-9098

*Habla Español

Dante has been serving the California Real Estate Market since 2016. He has experience in a variety of market conditions and locations, selling real estate in California from tip to tip, specializing in negotiating the strongest deals for his clients, along with business management, communications and  marketing experience since 2010. Dante truly enjoys guiding his clients in fulfilling their dreams when purchasing or selling their homes, investment properties, land or other real estate . Dante understands that this is the largest and most valuable investment/asset that his clients own, so he does his best, to be the best at what he does to serve all his clients by staying on top of market trends, changes and always sharpening his skills to provide the highest quality experience possible. Dante's goal is to get his clients the best deal possible, and for the transaction go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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